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Where I've lived and People I've met
A guide for keenly interested observers and hopefully a honey-trap for people I haven't heard of nor from in ages. If you find this page after googling your own name and you recognise yourself do please think of sending me a mail to let me know what has happened to you. I've not included people I am still in touch with.

Born 10th January 1960, in St. David's hospital, Caerdydd, Wales. My birth is reputed to have been accompanied by comets, earthquakes, tsunami and outbreaks of swearing.

In 1963 we moved north to Sandbach in Cheshire.

'67 saw us moving to Staplehurst in Kent.
  • Karen Mullervey
  • Mark Ashby

We moved to Poole in Dorset in 1973
  • School: Lyn Jud, Keith Lawes and Dave 'Bean' Jones, Mike Blandford
  • Ballet: Bridget and Sarah Lacey-Fisher, Sian James, Jackie Jones and Lucy Mindelson.
  • Girlfriends: Fini & Semi Wolf, Cathy (Catherine) Gilday

I moved to Derby in 1978 and it was a big change; I was on my own in a new town, with a 'normal' job, knowing no-one. I was in a group of Imperial College students getting a first year of work experience at Rolls-Royce Aero-Engines.
  • Rob Mattinson,
  • Lesley Horrocks,
  • Chris & Andy Lyles

For my first year at Imperial( mid 1979-80) I lived in Keogh Hall at Princes Gardens (now demolished and replaced with newer bigger halls) on Exhibition Rd right next to the engineering building, the Science Museum and, as it happens, the Iranian embassy (nothing quite like an SAS operation at the end of your garden to make for an exciting afternoon). In December 1980 I married Bridget Daly and we moved to Wandsworth and then Carshalton.
  • Kevin Ash ( famous as a motoring journalist and sadly deceased far too young) ,
  • Paul Ewing (IC staff),
  • Cyril Laming (IC staff)

At the end of the course I was invited to move up the road a little to do a masters degree at the Royal College of Art (1982-83); Imperial and the RCA were starting a new course to try to bridge the gap between technology and art.
  • Jane Penty,
  • Roger Davies,
  • Patrick Geraets,
  • Jim Orkney
  • Sue Studholme
  • Micheal Starling

In 1983 we moved to Winchester for my first serious job at IBM Research and bought our first house.
  • Andy & Marie Walter,
  • Stephen Todd,
  • Peter Quarendon
  • John & Sarah Ash,
  • John Haberfield

1991 bought a huge change in our lives; a move to Silicon Valley in California, to join ParcPlace Inc., then Integral Development Corp., then Interval Research Inc. and exobox, Inc.. We lived in Mountain View, Milpitas and had a cottage near Yosemite , in Coulterville
  • Glen Krasner,
  • Peter Deutsch,
  • Alan Schiffman,
  • Lee Ann Rucker,
  • Tami Lee,
  • Susan Cannon,
  • Sue Ann NIchols
  • Roger Meike,
  • Glen Edens,
  • Ducky Sherwood,
  • Laura DiMario,
  • Frank Zdybel

Most recently in 2004 we moved north to Vancouver Island in British Columbia. We found a seriously rural spot a few miles outside the tiny town of Qualicum Beach and built a house from where I ply my trade in software engineering, various forms of design, and technical intelligence analysis.