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Qualicum Beach / Meadowood Way
At the Qualicum Beach/Meadowood house I had a good sized double garage for a shop. As always, it wasn’t ideal; I couldn’t put the car away and noise could sometimes be an issue in the house. On the plus side this one was insulated - I blew in fibre insulation myself and installed 3" thick foam on the garage door panels - and heated. I had 220v as well as 110v supplies, which was handy for the MiniMax CU300 and the dust collector.

This time I installed a really serious dust collector system, using an Oneida 2hp commercial unit with 7" ducting tapering to 6" and finally 5" at the machines. It is very much more efficient than the old Delta dust-puffer I had at the ranch shop. It's not quite as noisy but still something I wish I could have in its own room. I documented the installation process just for fun.

The major equipment was fairly similar to that in the ranch shop but generally bigger and better; a big MiniMax CU300 combination machine, large bandsaw, floor standing drillpress etc. Here’s a few random shots of the layout.

Here we see the big cyclone and my famous workbench The bandsaw is a lovely little Inca 340 10” model that I use for small cuts.

Lumber rack just after installing. Once fully loaded it was quite an imposing pile of wood. I used Triton steel tube racks mounted on a frame of 2x4s anchored very securely to the floor, wall and ceiling. Behind the Triton racks is a section for sheet goods and large cjunks.

Steel City floor-standing drill press.

One of the specially useful features is a 6” quill range, far more than the typical 3” or so. It also came with a laser pointer unit, something I’d never have imagined buying but it turns out to be incredibly useful. I would consider this a very good buy. The table is a decent size and moves easily. The light is a nice feature.

Steel City 17” bandsaw; a slightly imposing monster that can take up to 1” wide blades.

It has all sorts of nice features ranging from the nicely done on/off switch, to the blade tensioning system (including a lever quick-release that switches between no tension and the previously set level) to the quite effective dust collection. Another good buy in my view. It moves easily on the mobile base which is very useful in a small shop.

Oh the mess, my poor MiniMax 300! In this shot you can see one of the perils of doing too much in small space. The MM300 has been abused as a table, a large pile of mahogany is being shaped for baseboard use, a model plane is hiding from danger under the mobile work-table and the bench is cluttered with all sorts of stuff.

Qualicum Beach / Ashling Rd
At the new house I have a decent sized double garage to play in, but this time with a 14ft peak ceiling. That helps a surprising amount in terms of noise and general space. I promise to get some better pictures soon