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The mortiser attachment is large and heavy and has bits sticking out that would really hurt as they crushed your toes on the way down. Best not to provide it with an easy path to pain-making; I made a support trolley that lets me move it around easily and store a lot of the CU300’s ancillary parts. This trolley is made from a SpaceWorks kitchen trolley from Home Depot - I would have made one from scratch but the cost of four decent castors and a sheet of suitable ply exceeded the cost of the trolley. The modifications were very simple merely requiring a partial box of 3/4" ply that is 14.5" high and 13.5" inside width and 12" depth. Cut out the middle section of the top shelf with a cutoff wheel in a Dremel tool and fit the part-box. I bolted it down to the middle shelf for safety. Total cost was C$60 for the trolley and a couple of sq.ft of ply from the scrap box.

It seems it is difficult to find this trolley in the US (my local HD is in Nanaimo, BC, Canada) but Brian Campbell from the minimax yahoo group dug around and passed on this helpful info for those of you seeking back-relief.

Again thanks for your help. I looked at the NEXEL website. They make the same type of tube & shelf wire shelving (really nice pricey stuff). They make all of the parts for the cart and sell them individually, but not as an assembly or kit (total cost over $130.00). I also found a Chinese company that makes an identical cart but they sell them only in Japan and will not ship to the US.I called the HD in Vancouver and talked to a gal in the flooring dept. They have the cart as you said and would be happy to sell me one but they do not ship. They would hold it until my shipping company came to get it. Big shipping cost from Canada. I did get additional information on the cart:Space Works (Name on box) made by Sensible Storage Inc. in ILL. (A Focus Products Group, LLC, company.) Also sold as ‘Wire-tech. by Sensible Storage’ They do not have a discernable direct web site and do not sell to the public. The cart is their catalog ID # 34458-Wire Kitchen Cart. Home Depot’s number is 451889HDC. Cart description: 34458 14” x 24” x 35 ½”, three industrial style shelves, 27#, with 2” dia. swivel casters, two locking. Bright chrome finish.I ran a search for Sensible Storage Inc. and found them listed as an ACE Hardware vendor for wire shelving. Ace does not routinely stock the cart but will order it as a special order. My Ace guy called Sensible Storage Inc. and they faxed him their catalogue page showing the cart. Looks exactly like yours. I ordered one; cost was about like yours but in US $ with added sales tax and shipping. Three day delivery. HD will probably special order it as well using their number.This may be of some help to others who are interested in your wonderful idea. Mini Max ought to buy these from you and sell them as an accessory for the Smart and Elite mortising units.

The mortiser mounted on the CU300; remove the in/out handle first or it won’t fit into the trolley. You can see fairly clearly how the ply box fits into the cut-up top shelf of the trolley.

With the trolley pushed under the mortiser table (you might have to raise it a bit) you can then use the height adjuster to lower the table with will then raise the rest of the unit once it seats on the trolley. It’s generally a good idea to loosen the mounting bolts first though or you’ll find yourself trying to raise the entire saw.

Once the unit is raised enough to clear the bolts (to which I added nice little springs to keep the washers in place, neat touch for convenience) you can pull the mortiser away and stow it in a corner. If you’re a competent welder you could make a nice all-metal version of this hack.

For $60 I think this is a pretty good investment. My back certainly agrees!